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A Christmas Message from the Henri Nouwen Society

Dear Friends,

Rebecca is one of the many people who receive the daily e-meditation by Henri Nouwen. She writes:

“I have fallen away from the church. I have somewhat fallen away from God. After receiving daily reflections, I feel myself being pulled back home. Henri Nouwen speaks to me. He seems to feel my pain and confusion and eases my mind. I wish I could have known him.”

Like Rebecca, we hope that you also have been touched by the teaching and writing of Henri Nouwen.  

Each year at this time, we reach out to ask you, who have been blessed by the Nouwen Legacy, to help sustain this important work by making a financial investment in the Nouwen Society.

As you know, our mission is to preserve and extend this rich spiritual legacy. Why? Because God uses Henri’s word to transform the lives of thousands of people.  

Well-known author Ron Rolheiser recently wrote that Henri continues to be relevant because he helps “us to pray while not knowing how to pray, to rest while feeling restless, to be at peace while tempted, to feel safe while still anxious, to be surrounded by light while still in darkness, and to love while still in doubt.”

Blessed ourselves by the works of Henri Nouwen, we want to share opportunities for similar blessings with others, and your gift will help us in the following areas:  

•   Maintain our exciting new website and make Henri’s word available to people around the world.

•   Support the now-in-process authorized Henri Nouwen biography.

•   Put resources into a potential documentary film on The Return of the Prodigal Son.

•   Invest in continued growth of our precious archives, for teachers, students, writers and researchers - thousands of books, articles, videos, recordings and letters from Henri’s many years of teaching, study, practice and life.

•   Partner with others, like Upper Room Ministries, with whom we are producing a new Spirituality Series.

•   Ensure that daily and weekly e-meditations are freely distributed, and that reading group guides are also available at no charge.
•   Offer retreat opportunities for the many people engaged in ministry, and for those searching for meaning and living spirituality in our chaotic times.

Rebecca is not alone in her experience of pain and confusion. Her questions mirror ours and those of so many others who search to find inner fulfillment and meaning. Our unique mission propels us to reach out to Rebecca and so many others, connecting and reconnecting them with the living Gospel, through the teaching and writing of Henri.

Will you join us in gifting this transformative work to others? Click here to make your gift.

The beauty of a large community is that, like the story of the loaves and fishes, when everyone gives what he or she can - $25 - $50 - $100 – or more, everyone gets fed! Thank you for thoughtfully and prayerfully considering a gift at this time.

In thanksgiving and with prayers for a rich celebration of Christmas,

Mike O'Mahoney
Chairman, Board of Directors

P.S. Thank you if you have donated recently or if your gift to support the work of the Nouwen Society is already on its way.

(Photo of Henri Nouwen by Frank Hamilton. Used with kind permission.)


Photo of Henri Nouwen by F. Hamilton