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Top 10 Books

Henri Nouwen authored forty books, wrote countless articles and gave hundreds of lectures and retreats in his lifetime. Many secondary Nouwen books have been written by others. If you have never read a Nouwen book and aren't sure where to begin, here are his ten most widely read books. We invite you to start with any one of these books or visit the bookstore to browse through the entire collection. Ask us about free reflection guides for many of Nouwen's books and sign up for daily meditations, inspiring words from Henri Nouwen to start your day.

  1. The Return Of The Prodigal Son
  2. A Spirituality of Fundraising
  3. In The Name Of Jesus
  4. The Wounded Healer
  5. Life Of The Beloved
  6. The Inner Voice Of Love
  7. With Burning Hearts
  8. Reaching Out
  9. Can You Drink The Cup?
  10. Bread For The Journey